Archiware P5 Backup

P5 Backup is backup software for professional use that can be set up within minutes and allows you to backup server data to disk or tape (like LTO-5) as well as backup and restore cross-platform on Mac, Linux, Windows and Solaris.

​It works seamlessly with P5 Synchronize and Archive, allowing broad data availability options.

Server backup to disk and tape

P5’s server backup is browser-based and allows easy configuration, administration and monitoring – regardless of your location. The backup will include all your data as well as extended attributes, permissions, resource forks etc.​Through parallelisation, P5 Backup software supports multiple drives, tasks and clients simultaneously. Even large data sets can be backed up in the shortest time possible.​

Backups are interruptible, and will be filled in automatically with the next run. Even partial backups are restorable.​Growing with your requirements, P5’s modular design allows for optimal scaling to fit your needs.

​There are no limits on possible growth: you can easily add further Archiware products, hardware or media to expand your setup. P5 server backup can be saved on disk and tape, while you can also use the same hardware to operate P5 Archive.

Server backup to disk and tape P5 Backup

Nearline and Offline Backup

  • Versions and Snapshots
  • Interruptible Backup
  • User Restore
  • Long Retention and Offsite Storage

Offsite Backup

Real security for your data can only be achieved through offsite backup.​

By cloning your backup on a second set of tapes or disks, you are ready for offsite storage for real disaster prevention. Ideally, this second set should be stored in a safe place and not in your primary office.​

Encryption options protect your data during transfer and on the media.

Backup and Restore​

P5 Backup software stores your data in a platform-neutral format, allowing you to backup and restore data from and to any platform. Archiware’s block-direct positioning allows for fast restore, no sequential seeking needed. Snapshots offer restores from a particular point in time.​

The administrator can allow users to search, browse and/or restore from the backup, making Archiware P5 even more flexible to the users needs.

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